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Mobile Medical Applications - Where do we go from here?

With the recent announcement of 510(k) clearance of a retinal examining attachment and companion app can we now declare the outcry against the FDA finished?
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Mobile Medical Applications - Beam Me Up, Scanadu

In a fantastic case of science-fiction-meets-reality, Qualcomm created the X Prize Foundation to challenge developers and innovators to create a Star Trek Tricorder. The prize? $10M!
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Mobile Medical Applications - Difficult Usability?

The topic of this week's post was a bit more challenging than normal. Ever since my inadvertent "reboot" of the Everyday Usability series, my brain was stuck in that frame of mind. Even today I struggled to break my mind from it.
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Mobile Medical Applications: Falling Star?

I think it's high time we start profiling a few applications that have been approved for use by the FDA, discuss their functionality, and potentially profile the impending issues they may encounter.
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Mobile Medical Applications: Five or One Galaxies in the Lumia Nexus?

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Mobile Medical Applications: Wellness Apps

After a small hiatus, the Mobile Medical Apps blog series is back! Today we'll take a look into wellness and weight-loss applications.
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Mobile Medical Applications: Cyber Security

As with all software and technology, security is, and will always remain, a hot-button topic. It is even a point of contention for computer consumers - Mac vs. PC debates often will focus on how Mac's don't "need" virus protection (which is somewhat of a misnomer, but certainly good marketing).
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Mobile Medical Applications: What's App-ening?

It has been predicted by many technology pundits that smartphones will be in everyone's hands within the next few years. Of course there will be different flavors of smartphones to adjust to different consumer ranges, but the way of the numpad flip-phones will be left to the late 90s and the 2000s.
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