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Remote Done Right

We are known for our supportive, collaborative, fun and friendly company culture that offers the flexibility you need to thrive in all aspects of your life.

Our flexible work environment means that you can work from home while actively engaging daily with a global team of experts. Most importantly, RQM+ was built to support a virtual culture of inclusion, so you can always feel comfortable bringing your whole self to work. 

Prefer an office setting? We have those too! With offices and work spaces across the United States and Europe, you'll always have options to choose the environment that works best for you.



Accelerated Career Growth 

The RQM+ Be Your Best* Program offers a thoughtful, structured approach to advancing your skills, expertise and network. You'll have ownership of your career trajectory through multiple learning paths available to be tailored to support you in meeting your goals. Get the support you need through access to an array of internal education, on-the-job learning, external certifications and industry partners.


*Benefits applicable only to staff employees. Separate policies apply to project-based employees.

Navigate your path

Team members have access to the RQM+ Academy, giving you unlimited access to 9,000+ courses on everything from business to technology to stress management and beyond. On-demand, formal training courses, leadership programs and coaching are just a few of the custom RQM+ training methods available that will keep you on track to grow in your career. Our programs allow you to participate in network groups, receive certification support, and on the job coaching. 

Global Collaboration with the Industry's Best

At RQM+ you have access to former regulators and notified body leaders everyday. These are the people who contributed to the regulations and guidance documents that we're implementing with our clients. Their knowledge becomes everyone's knowledge.

Employee Testimonials

Meet RQM+ employees from across the globe as they share their stories and the impact working at RQM+ has had on their personal and professional growth.

Kevin, Click to Open Popup with More Info

Kevin, RQM+ Consulting Services

“When I think of my development at RQM+, I think ‘what skills have I not been able to develop?’ I’ve developed a lot.

Coming from FDA, I was so siloed into Regulatory. I had an idea of what Regulatory is, but after being on a [large-scale] project and then a smaller project, you really see the breadth of Regulatory.

I had technical expertise but having the opportunity to learn about what makes a Regulatory department work at a mid-size company, large-size, or start-up was very eye opening.”

Torrie, Click to Open Popup with More Info

Torrie, RQM+ Consulting Services

"The nice thing about RQM+ is that one week you might be on a PMS project and then the next week you’re on a regulatory strategy and you’re flexing totally different muscles. At the same time, you’re growing and becoming more of a leader.

I think we do a good job of taking advantage of our in-house talent and training. This summer, I had the opportunity to participate in some of our technical training and even participated as a trainer. We also do a good job of personal growth training, like DISC Communication Styles and Situational Leadership II. I’m excited to be a part of that.

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Spencer, Recruiting

"I am a European talent acquisition lead. Recruitment can be a very goal-driven job. You have to hit your numbers to be successful. It's easy to be micromanaged in this kind of role, but I have never felt that here. I am empowered to meet my goals, while also being a good father.

"My kids are three and one and it's great knowing that I can work from home every day. Rather than having only 30 minutes or so to spend with them each weekday evening, I now have several hours with them because I don't have to spend two hours commuting to the office."

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Kara, Clinical & Post-Market Practice

"Early in my career, I worked for Pfizer and Novartis, which gave me a background in IVDs. I then earned my Ph.D. in neuroscience, followed by a considerable post-doctoral research career. I left academia to start a career in medical writing working for a medical device company. I’ve only been with RQM+ for 18 months and I’ve already been promoted twice. Today, as the CPMP practice manager, I help support the clinical and postmarket practice team with about 75 people either directly or indirectly reporting to me. If you work hard here, you are recognized and rewarded. RQM+ has been great for me professionally as well as personally. I also have four children, a cat and a dog. I can be there for my kids whenever they need me. Everyone is very understanding and non-judgmental about putting family needs first."


What Makes Us Special

"RQM+ is a great company. So far, my experience has been surreal."

We are committed to providing a supportive, flexible environment that empowers you to learn and grow. Here are just some of the reasons why we are not your average employer.

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Freedom & Empowerment

We believe that if you love your employees, you should set them free. We empower you to manage your workday without missing out on the important (and sometimes mundane) parts of your personal life — and NOT feeling like you have to ask for permission.

We also provide purposeful work, meaningful rewards and recognition, and regular coaching and feedback. It all starts at the recruitment stage and the support continues throughout your RQM+ journey. 

Our Talented Team

Ranging from recent graduates to very seasoned former regulators and industry experts, our global team is rooted in IVD and medical device product development. More importantly, our culture ensures that every RQM+ team member feels surrounded by people who want to share knowledge and help each other. 

A Dynamic, Fast-Growing Company

Our growth makes it an exciting time to join RQM+. We are constantly expanding geographically and in terms of the services we offer. Our rapid expansion provides a broad range of career development and leadership opportunities for staff at all levels of our company — both corporate and consulting roles. There are numerous ways to contribute to high-profile projects or lead teams. 


Unrivaled Collective Knowledge

Internal expertise is one of our top priorities and greatest strengths. Our team is always learning from each other to expand our collective knowledge and deliver high-value solutions to our clients. The knowledge you will gain at RQM+ is second to none.

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Work with a Purpose

Together, and through our core values, we create a culture and experience that is authentic, personalized, and meaningful to you.

At RQM+ you can do the kind of work that adds up to something meaningful; helping bring life-improving and life-sustaining technologies to market through innovative solutions and talented people.

We recognize that strengthening the individual empowers the team and ultimately drives company performance.

Did you know?

We also believe our strong culture and shared purpose creates a positive and enriched community for team members to work and grow.

Client Satisfaction

We are changing the way medical device and diagnostics manufacturers use consulting. But don’t take our word for it. With a 90% repeat business rate, our clients love what we do too.

Ready for the best years of your career?

Our total rewards package moves beyond the employee experience by focusing on enhancing your overall life experience. Think of it as the sum of all the advantages and benefits (both personal and professional) that come with working at RQM+

    RQM+ careers

RQM+ employees rated flexibility and work-life balance as one of our company's greatest strengths in our latest Employee Engagement survey.

To support a healthy work-life balance, we offer an innovative time-off package and flexible work arrangements that let you customize how you work and when you take time off based on your personal needs.

We care about your total health and wellbeing, including physical, emotional and financial wellness. That’s why we offer a competitive and comprehensive benefits program to support the health and financial wellbeing of you and your family.

We invest in our employees by continually exploring and offering market-leading benefit programs by benchmarking our benefits on an ongoing basis to ensure they remain meaningful and current.

We are committed to giving you choice, flexibility and high-quality coverage, so you can decide which programs are the best fit for you and your family. We’ll always be here to provide you with the tools, information and supporting resources you need to get the most out of your benefits.

What does investing in our people look like at RQM+? It starts with providing competitive, market-based pay; offering a variety of high-value health and wellness benefits; a flexible work environment to support work-life balance; innovative learning and development programs and financial rewards tied to your daily contributions while enabling the flexibility to pursue a wide range of professional opportunities.

Achieve your professional best at RQM+ with dedicated support from your manager and our learning and development team. We are committed to providing opportunities to help you develop yourself and evolve your career. Our employees are empowered with the tools to gain the knowledge of our top experts and colleagues across all projects.  

Open Positions

Join our team and work from anywhere. We are actively hiring globally and all positions benefit from our flexible remote work options.

Apply now or contact us to start a conversation with our recruiting team.

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