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What Guides Us

We take pride in fostering a rewarding culture by...​​

+ Supporting and encouraging one another personally and professionally
+ Providing ethical and business-balanced solutions to our clients
+ Improving lives through the work that we do and efforts in our communities
+ Focusing on process and structure internally and for our clients, while being adaptable to individual business needs
+ Nurturing a highly skilled, optimistic and passionate team of professionals
+ Establishing a welcoming and inclusive environment

Our Core Values

Click through the menu below to learn more about our Core Values along with real quotes from employees from our Engagement Survey.

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Maintain the highest level of integrity.

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  • Do the right thing even when no one is looking.
  • Help your colleagues, community, and clients consistently and keep your promises.
  • Keep confidential information to yourself; be cognizant of what you share with others

"The caliber of people who work here is amazing. We have so many smart, kind, decent and caring people, and that is so nice. From the minute I started, I felt so welcomed and included. Great job on making sure you hire team players, people willing to collaborate and compromise and be just overall kind and decent people."

Laser focus on customer success.

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  • Understand that the customer’s success = lives being saved and improved.
  • Lead customers to business-balanced solutions and always act with the customer’s end goals in mind.
  • Exceed customer expectations on the quality of the deliverables and the timing; customers are watching closely.

I would recommend working at RQM+ because "you work with a range of clients, helping them achieve compliance. You help ensure safe and effective Medical Devices are placed on the market."

Improve all the time.

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  • We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.
  • You are responsible for your own future. If you don’t  know what you want out of life, nobody does. Plan your future proactively.

 "It's a caring and balanced culture that is remains driven to achieve greatness which gives confidence in the company and growth opportunities."

Communicate… effectively and proactively.

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  • Be the catalyst for effective communication.
  • Communication = Oxygen to everyone at RQM+.
  • Calculate your communications by being thoughtful and deliberate.
  • Provide prompt and timely responses to all communications received, preferably within 24 hours.
  • Be honest and take accountability for what you say.

"I find meaning in working with my team to find technical solutions that help our clients and promote safe and effective medical devices. Great team."

Be courageous, proactive, and figure it out to achieve the highest level of success.

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  • Don’t be afraid to take quick and educated action.
  • Plan, follow up, anticipate, and prevent.
  • Be entrepreneurial; ask yourself the following question: “If it were my company, I would…”
  • Know what you know and what you don’t know. Consult team members when necessary and learn from others.

"We get to work on projects that directly affect patients. I feel grateful that I can work with Tier 1 companies and see the product I've worked on 'in the wild'. I appreciate that my scientific training and experience are so well-suited to my work here and appreciated by clients."

Operate as a cohesive team… who likes to have fun.

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  • Take ownership, be accountable, and offer assistance.
  • Support each other in delivering a unique service experience.
  • Support everyone’s work-family balance.
  • Be courteous and enjoy each other.

"The work/life balance is unmatched and the ability to network with such a breadth of expertise and experience is an incredible asset."

Share concerns and follow up with a thoughtful solution.

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  • Don’t hold it in. Get it out in a courteous manner and be part of the shared solution.
  • Nonproductive complaining = negativity and becomes a distraction.
  • Asking for help is not considered whining or complaining.
  • Be transparent with your team members and managers. They can only help if you tell us what’s going on.

"I would recommend working at RQM+ because the work/life balance is unmatched and the ability to network with such a breadth of expertise and experience is an incredible asset."

Live by the golden rule.

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  • Treat people the way you'd like to be treated.
  • Respect one another; we are committed to inclusion and an environment of trust and fairness.
  • Be a positive team member and limit negativity.
  • Problems or gripes will occur; resolve all disagreements or escalate to management.
  • Welcome others, offer assistance, and be patient.

"I cannot get over how kind and intelligent everyone is. I feel safe and heard every time I speak. I love the work life balance I have here."

What's in it for me?

Benefits and more

Our total rewards package moves beyond the employee experience by focusing on enhancing your overall life experience. Think of it as the sum of all the advantages and benefits (both personal and professional) that come with working at RQM+.

Asset 1195 Flexible work arrangements 
RQM Icon blue 33 Time off to rest, recharge and volunteer 
RQM Icon blue 42@2x Excellent healthcare coverage with options 
RQM Icon blue 44 Holistic programs for well-being of mind and body 


RQM Icon blue 16 Innovative learning and development programs  
RQM Icon blue 53@2x-1 Flexibility to pursue a wide range of professional opportunities 
RQM Icon blue 70 A culture and experience that is authentic, personalized, and meaningful to you 
RQM Icon blue 67 Surround yourself with smart, talented people who are capable and always learning from each other


DEIB statement

At RQM+ we promote equity for all by empowering our people to participate, learn and excel. We embrace our individual talents and harness them to a common purpose. Together, we strive to create and sustain an inclusive and equitable environment where all employees feel a sense of belonging, respect, and acceptance.  We create a culture that attracts and retains brilliant talents of all backgrounds and cultures while advancing global healthcare through MedTech innovation. Collectively, we help bring innovative, safe, and effective medical technology to the patients who need it most within the global communities we serve. At RQM+, the plus really is the people!

Join our Team

Work with a purpose

Working at RQM+ isn't just a job. It's an opportunity to fulfill your potential and your purpose. Search our open positions and find out how you can make your next career move a meaningful one.

Apply now or contact us to start a conversation with our recruiting team.

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