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What an action-packed three days MD&M East was this year! Our team is exhausted, but in the absolute best way possible. I'm not sure how anyone who attended the show could've escaped the exhaustion... as the exhibit floor was BIG. If you're reading this and attended, hopefullly you found the conference worthwhile. We certainly did.

Here are four things we learned this year.

1. We appreciate booth visitors more than ever

MDM Expo Floor

There were 5,000,000 exhibitors this year. OK, not that many... but plenty! The fact that so many folks saw our booth, stopped, and were willing to share their experiences, knowledge, and needs is amazing. We are thankful to each and every person who stopped by to talk with our team, spin the wheel, or take a white paper or case study. This is why R&Q pays to attend these shows: to speak with you in hopes we can provide some value. If we did that and you have any follow-up questions, Contact us.We're here to help.

2. Interest in UDI was lighter than we expected

Paul Robinson MDM

We went into this show expecting a huge need for last-minute UDI projects. That didn't exactly happen. The UDI deadline is quickly approaching for Class II devices and many companies are already sufficiently prepared. With that said and based on what we've encountered of late, many still aren't. That's is why the lack of attention surprised us. Perhaps attendees at MD&M didn't ask us about UDI (we tried to make that difficult to avoid by creating the sign beside Paul above). Or, perhaps medical device companies really are, finally, all set with UDI. From project management, to validations, to infrastructure, there's a lot to think about. Take a look at our Services to see how we help companies with UDI.

3. R&Q's scalability

Employees at RQ Table

Lastly, we ended up talking a lot about how scalable R&Q's services can be and our willingness to work with small start-up companies with resource and budget constraints. We are committed to helping smaller companies understand what's necessary to get a product to market and increase their capabilities. When we sit with these companies we often create a regulatory strategy, which typically ends up working as a roadmap towards seeing a product to market. There aren't many conversations that are more enthusiastic and optimistic than these kind, and since we found ourselves having them time and time again at the show, we wanted to mention it!

4. We genuinely have fun at these events

Employees at RQ TableWe look forward to these events every year, and this was a biggie. We do our best to prepare diligently beforehand, getting team members on the same page in terms of how to communicate R&Q's services, coordinating logistics (often the hardest part), and much more. We want our booth to be lively and energetic, and hopefully you got that impression. If you're going to spend three straight days on a convention center floor, it's important to make them count and have a good time... and thankfully that's not very difficult for our team! Our Careers page has some reasons that come rather naturally for us.

And somehow, someway, we found ourselves in the middle of a Seth Meyers party Tuesday night. That was fun and unexpected, but hey, when in New York!

On behalf of the entire R&Q team, thank you to those who met with us at MD&M East! We're grateful you stopped by. Here are our other upcoming events that are always being updated, services, and if you aren't receiving automatic updates yet, you can subscribe to our blog below.

We are passionate about your success. Tell us more about your regulatory and quality needs so we can help.

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