In this heartfelt and insightful video presentation, Nancy Morrison – as highly a respected professional as you'll ever find in regulatory affairs – shares her journey and the lessons she's learned along the way. As she embarks on her well-deserved retirement, Nancy generously takes the time to impart her wisdom and provide guidance to those aspiring to build a successful career in regulatory affairs.

Throughout her career, Nancy has made significant contributions across many roles, from quality assurance to regulatory affairs, and finally as a consultant. Her unique perspective, shaped by personal experiences and an encyclopedic understanding of the industry, offers actionable insights into what it takes to excel in this field.

In her presentation, which features a brief introduction from RQM+ VP of Global Regulatory Affairs, Jaishankar Kutty, Nancy discusses the importance of embracing challenges, building credibility, and fostering positive relationships with colleagues and regulatory bodies. She emphasizes the significance of understanding the "why" behind regulations and encourages viewers to seek out new opportunities and innovative approaches.

Drawing from her own life, Nancy shares the story of her son Matthew, who relies on numerous medical devices daily. This personal connection underscores the crucial role regulatory affairs professionals play in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of products that directly impact patients' lives.

As you watch this video, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the dedication and expertise required to succeed in regulatory affairs. We believe Nancy's insights and personal story will definitely inspire and guide you on your own career path, helping you successfully navigate the complexities of the regulated industry with confidence and purpose.

And from RQM+, Nancy... we couldn't possibly put into words how much we appreciate you and the positive contributions you've made to our clients over the years. You've changed the MedTech industry for the better in immeasurable ways. Thank you.


On Tuesday, 16 April (next week) and prior to her retirement, Nancy will be presenting a live webinar: Aligning Your QMS with the FDA's QMSR Updates. Register here.

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