Staying ahead of compliance and regulatory requirements needs to be a top priority for MedTech companies. Audits are an integral part of maintaining these standards, but can often be seen as stressful and time-consuming events. However, the perspective shifts when these are approached as opportunities for growth and improvement rather than simply compliance checks. This is where the strategy of outsourcing audits comes into play, offering serious advantages.

Outsourcing your MedTech audits is not just about ticking boxes; it's about elevating your business practices to a new standard. Below are 8 multifaceted benefits of embracing the outsourcing approach.

1. Deep-Dive Expertise

With over two decades of specialization, outsourcing firms like RQM+ bring a level of insight that's hard to replicate in-house. Their auditors are not just ticking off a checklist; they’re identifying areas of risk and helping find opportunities for improvement. Broad industry, function, and educational auditor expertise increase the likelihood of bringing a knowledgeable and creative review.

2. Mentorship and Growth

A significant aspect of RQM+ audits is the 80/20 approach, where 80% is thorough auditing and the remaining 20% is dedicated to mentoring. This means not only will the current standards be met, but your team will be guided towards best practices, going from good to great.

3. COst-Effectiveness

An internal auditor is an all-year-round expense, but an outsourced audit is a one-time investment. This offers a clear cost advantage, as you're paying for the expertise only when you need it, allowing your staff to focus on their core duties without disruption. Skilled auditors reduce inefficiencies associated with in-house part-time auditing, including knowing how to relate to all levels and areas of the organization.

4. Time Efficiency

Scheduling audits, arranging travel, accommodation, and ensuring auditors are well-prepared can be a huge logistical challenge. Outsourcing removes this burden, freeing up your internal resources and saving valuable time.

5. Continuous Up-to-Date Training

Organizations like RQM+ ensure their auditors are continuously trained and up-to-date with the latest regulations and standards, which is a heavy responsibility to maintain in-house, especially for smaller companies. Learn more about how RQM+ provides dedicated resources you can trust.

6. Unbiased Independence

Outsourced auditors bring an essential layer of objectivity. Without internal ties, they can provide a clear-eyed assessment of compliance and practices, and are not swayed by internal politics or biases.

7. Assured Compliance

With ever-evolving standards and regulations, having a partner that ensures you’re always in step with the latest requirements is invaluable. This means you’re always audit-ready, not just compliant.

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8. Data-Driven Insights and Proprietary Tools

Companies like RQM+ don’t just audit; they collect and analyze data across multiple audits to offer insights that can drive strategic business decisions. They also utilize proprietary tools allowing them to increase coverage in the limited time available and provide comprehensive in-process feedback, as well as the audit report itself quickly

Choosing to outsource your audits not only allows you to stay ahead of regulators, but can transform what might be a regulatory burden into a strategic advantage. It is an investment in expertise, time, cost-saving, and above all, peace of mind. The importance of choosing a reputable and experienced auditing firm cannot be overstated—it is a choice that could absolutely define the trajectory of your organization.

For MedTech firms looking to harness the benefits of outsourced audits, RQM+ offers a partnership that's built on expertise, experience, and a shared vision for excellence. To learn more about how RQM+ can support your auditing needs, contact us. You can visit our audits page for more specifics, too.

Our team is ready to be your partner in best practices and continuous improvement.

Remember, in MedTech, staying compliant isn't just about avoiding penalties; it's about affirming your commitment to excellence and patient safety. RQM+ can be the ally that helps you uphold these values with confidence and clarity.


Again, we encourage you to register for the 28 March event to learn more about the importance of regular internal audits and getting ahead of crises. You'll be able to ask questions live, and all registrants will receive the recording and slides following the session. Sign up here.

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