A few notable posts pertaining to mobile medical applications came through my Twitter feed / Inbox recently, so I wanted to share!

1.) Verizon Wireless - "America's largest and most reliable network" - has plans for an FDA-cleared mobile platform focused on disease management at home. In fact, the platform, dubbed "The Verizon Wireless Converged Health Management (CHM) Device," has received their substantial equivalence ruling from the FDA this month. You can read about the clearance here courtesy of Mobihealthnews.com. While it's a software platform rather than a singular mobile medical application, it still is a great advance in point-of-care health management. It makes you wonder whether Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, et al are taking the same approach. It seems like Verizon has a better infrastructure to roll this out, though, making Comcast seem like a more natural competitor in this space. Exciting!

2.) I came across a tweet on mHealth and labeling in the EU, and "favorited" it to make sure I shared with you. I found it initially interesting simply because I've heard / read most of the information on mobile medical applications with regard to the FDA's control of the software technologies. The particular article I found reviews their thoughts on mobile medical applications. The first thought is that most of the apps will end up as Class I devices, though counters its own argument by suggesting some nuances and slights-of-hand that may be used to understate risks and stay in Class I when they're truly Class IIa or IIb. Neat to see how the EU may handle mobile medical applications differently from the FDA.



Image Credit: HostingCoupons at Flikr

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