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Analyze Thermal Decomposition and Determine Inorganic Filler Content!

Thermal transitions in a substance are often accompanied by a change in mass. Thermogravimetric Analysis or TGA is an effective way of measuring these mass changes. During TGA, the sample is heated in a furnace purged with an inert atmosphere while being simultaneously weighed on a scale. This allows the determination of the temperatures at which a material undergoes thermal decomposition as well as the weight percent of the decomposed material. Thermal stability can also be determined by measuring weight loss as a function of time at a constant temperature. Inorganic and carbon black content can be measured by switching the purge gas to air. Evolved gas analysis can be performed in conjunction with TGA using a mass spectrometer. This provides a means of identifying the decomposition products associated with each weight loss in the TGA trace.

Thermogravimetric Analysis is Ideal for the Characterization of Materials by Thermal Decomposition!

  • Characterize materials by comparing decomposition patterns
  • Measure carbon black and inorganic content
  • Evaluate the thermal stability of materials
  • Study the resistance of metal alloys to oxidation


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