Purify Proteins and Charged Molecules with IEC!

IEC is a process that allows the separation of ionic species (anion and cation) based on their affinity for an ion exchange resin.  If the compounds being separated are anions and the resin used is cationic the method is referred to as anion exchange. Similarly if cations are separated on an anionic resin, the method is referred to as cation exchange.  Applications include the separation of small anions and cations, proteins, nucleotides, and amino acids. A conductivity detector is typically used for this application but other detectors such as corona charge aerosol detector (CAD) can also be used. RQM+ produces its own line of ion exchange columns providing us with unique expertise and access to a wide selection of column stationary phases.

  • Separation of Ionic Sample Components by Charge
  • Quantitation of Cations and Anions
  • Protein Purification

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