Our skilled analysts conduct reliable and repeatable tests on raw materials, dosage form pharmaceuticals, and packaging media to meet rigorous quality control and assurance standards. We excel in detecting, quantifying, and identifying contaminants in pharmaceuticals, enabling manufacturers to eliminate impurities and ensure batch purity. Additionally, our expertise extends to extractable and leachable studies, which play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and stability of biochemical products. 

How RQM+ Helps the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Modern pharmaceutical products must adhere to strict regulatory compliance requirements. This involves implementing innovative quality control and assurance processes to ensure that dosage form products meet market standards. RQM+ can assist with the identification of particulates and residue contaminants, determining their origin and ensuring product safety.

Extractable and leachable studies are essential for identifying contaminants in packaging and single-use biopharma components. These analyses play a critical role in ensuring the safety, effectiveness, and stability of biochemical products. RQM+ conducts regular testing of extractables and leachables used in pharmaceutical products such as blister packets and blood bags.

The shape and size of particles impact their processing, appearance, behavior, and can even lead to product failure. We leverage light microscopy to understand and control particle shape and size, which is key to ensure desired outcomes.

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