RQM+ is a leading authority in medical device analytical chemistry, providing comprehensive testing services. We tailor studies to meet unique product requirements and utilize various analytical technologies for extractables and leachables testing. Our experienced chemists employ techniques like GCMS, LCMS, NMR, and FTIR to detect and identify contaminants. With years of expertise, we excel at identifying unknown elements and tracing contamination sources. With a comprehensive approach and rigorous quality control, medical device manufacturers can trust our lab services for reliable results.

How RQM+ Helps the Medical Devices Industry

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E&L testing examines small molecules in a polymer system, including various additives and residual compounds. This assists medical device companies in ensuring product safety, regulatory compliance, and understanding the potential impact of these molecules on device performance and patient health.

RQM+ excels in complete material deformulations. Our expertise includes successfully deformulating various products like polymer composites, waxes, inks, adhesives, sunscreens, and drug products.

RQM+ provides diverse methods to determine the physical properties of materials. We work with our clients to test stability, stiffness, impact resistance, melt flow index, tensile strength, and other relevant factors.

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