This past weekend I travelled to the Chicago-land area to attend my brother’s graduation from Northern Illinois University and commissioning into the US Army. He will be reporting to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri for officer training as part of the Army Corps of Engineers. This has been a very proud and exciting time for all of us.

Military personnel’s health challenges are very unique, and as such they require medical devices that are designed with their needs in mind. Take for example the BattleView Infrared Vascular Trans-illuminator. This device helps with the insertion of an IV in the dark by sending infrared energy to a patient. When the area is viewed with night vision goggles the veins appear to illuminate. This makes IV insertion in the dark much easier without compromising the operator’s position.

Another interesting medical device designed specifically for the military is the CRoC (Combat Ready Clamp). The CRoC is the “only device approved for controlling hemorrhaging in every compressible, junctional emergency situation”. The device is designed to be rugged and amenable to different applications.

These devices highlight the importance of understanding the end user and the environment. As a medical device community, I think we can be proud that so many devices have been created specifically for military applications. This innovation is one small way we can support those who serve our country and save lives.

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