This is our R&Q Q&A series. Every few months we ask R&Q employees how they make their impact at R&Q... and the impact R&Q has had on them. From improving people's lives to R&Q's rewarding culture, we hope their answers shed light on how R&Q influences the medical device industry and why our employees claim time and time again working at R&Q is a highly fulfilling experience. View all R&Q openings on our Careers page.

Meet Sherri Hall
Project Engineer

Employee Spotlight and Career Opportunities blog

What attracted you to R&Q?
What attracted me to R&Q is that it was a small fast-growing company there were endless opportunities to learn as you can go from client to client and gain new experiences quickly in a very short timeframe

In what ways do you think improving lives is different at R&Q than anywhere else?
Sherri: Improving lives is different at R&Q than anywhere else because your reach is so wide. For example I’ve had the chance to work in cardiology, orthopedics, respiratory care, pain management, combination devices, elder care management, and more within my tenure at R&Q. I can think of many people in my life who may have potentially benefited from the products I have touched.

What’s unique about our culture?
Sherri: R&Q’s culture is unique because everyone is so easy to work with and willing to help each other. Walking into the office makes you feel like you’re walking into a family member’s house. People at all levels of the company are accessible to you, all the way up to the president.

What’s different about being a consultant at R&Q?
Sherri: What’s different about R&Q is that we have a dedicated sales team responsible for securing new business. This allows me, as a technical consultant to focus on providing my clients with technical resources rather than worrying about what’s coming next. Central resourcing places us in the spot where we can best showcase our talents and support the company.

How does your role at R&Q feed your passion?
Sherri: R&Q feeds my passion because we help people‘s lives. R&Q is focused on medical devices and the health industry and with the growing number of health issues that people have in the world it makes it nice to know that we can make an impact and make a difference.

How do your personal goals align to R&Q’s mission and vision?
Sherri: R&Q’s vision and mission aligns with my personal goals. One of the things R&Q strives to do is be a worldwide leader and a preferred vendor. It makes me proud to know that we have such a good reputation behind our name and people come back to us time and time again for professional services. To sum it up, R&Q is just trying to help improve people‘s lives and I don’t know how anyone could argue with that vision and mission. It makes you feel good to know that you’re part of something special.

What makes working at R&Q special?
Sherri: Working at R&Q is special in many different ways. But in my eyes, one example of what’s unique is the leadership at R&Q. I trust the direction that they’re leading the company. I have seen many times when they have changed courses if something wasn’t working quite right, in order to optimize and improve. Management is agile, quick thinkers, and willing to fix problems rather than dealing with them. R&Q is strategic about the decisions they make and how they communicate them. Ultimately, I truly believe management is looking out for the best interest of not only the company, but also our employees and our clients. 


Hot jobs!

Regulatory Affairs Specialist - (Multiple Levels, Multiple States)rq_cookie_edit_crop-min.png
We are looking for regualtory professionals to collaborate with our team of experts to help guide clients through these challenging times. This is an opportunity to leverage your experience, be an advisor in your space, and capitalize on this distinct time in the industry. What’s more, R&Q offers continuous training for our consulting team, allowing us to keep up with the changes and deliver only the best for our client.
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Quality Engineer - (Multiple Levels, Multiple States)
We have a number of quality engineering positions available in multiple locations that will represent R&Q on client projects in medical device QA/RA. These are excellent opportunities for varying levels of experience.
Learn more and apply.

Medical Scientific Writers - Device Industry (Remote)
We are seeking medical writers to support the development and creation of Clinical, Scientific, and Regulatory documents in accordance with procedures, European Medical Device Regulation, and US FDA requirements.  This includes, conducting literature reviews, assisting and writing Clinical Evaluation Reports, analysis of product complaints and trends, collecting and analyzing feedback from various sources to support the CER.

General Interest - (Multiple States)
R&Q is all about people, culture, community, and connectedness.  We want to get to know you, whether there's a current opening or not!  We want to hear from you, chat with you and learn more about you... and job postings get in the way of that! 

We want to have real conversations with you and give you a chance to interact with us by introducing yourself, asking questions and getting the answers you seek.  If we both already know each other, then we'll know exactly what type of role is perfect for you if/when a position becomes available.

We're adding to our team nationwide!
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