The past year has left us with many lessons about leadership during a crisis. From the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we made a clear intention to stick to our values as a company, though we knew this would not be a straightforward path. RQM+ EVP, Lisa Casavant, recently wrote a post about how we prioritized the retention of our people. We’re pleased that we made this decision since we were in a much better position once demand recovered.

For the leadership team, another critical priority was to stay committed to our strategic vision and plan as a company. Coronavirus may have disrupted the market, but that did not mean the company was going to panic or alter its longer-term vision. It was vital that, while taking a long hard look at costs and earnings, we did not allow our main business strategies to be blown off course.

Where many might have retreated from completing an acquisition in such turbulent times, we became more determined than ever to push ahead and merge with Maetrics. Our businesses had complementary strengths and we greatly valued Maetrics’ European presence. Most importantly, the culture of both companies – fostering and cherishing our people with support and respect – was clearly an exact match.

Now, as RQM+, the two organizations form the largest regulatory consultancy globally focused on medical devices and diagnostics. This wide footprint makes us agile and highly scalable. Crucially, at a time when medical device businesses are working towards several imminent compliance deadlines, we can now offer double the expertise to our clients.

This year, effective integration with Maetrics is a key priority. There is an increasing need among our clients for clinical and post-market surveillance services, so we are preparing the combined company to meet these needs in 2021 and beyond. We want to support the industry as best we can so we’ll continue to remain tenacious, and focused on our long-term objectives.

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