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post market surveillance | MDR

Best Practices and Processes for Integrating CERs and Post-Market Surveillance Under EU MDR

The EU MDR date of application has come and gone, and most manufacturers are well aware of the new requirements. However, awareness does not necessarily equal effective implementation. One of the main challenges of MDR compliance is creating a strategy that integrates the work of multiple teams, including regulatory, quality, risk management, clinical, and more.
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Is Your Medical Device a Well-Established Technology (WET)?

As guidance committees, manufacturers, and notified bodies continue to interpret the EU MDR, some areas remain fuzzy. Well-established technology (WET) is high on the list of definitions that are disputed as notified bodies seem to have a different interpretation than the guidance document. This puts manufacturers in the difficult position of having to decide whether a device is a WET and defending that stance to notified bodies.
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MDR | Clinical Evaluation Report

What Are Clinical Benefits and How Do You Evaluate Them in Your CER?

The rollout of the EU MDR has created new challenges for medical device manufacturers, including those that have had devices on the market for a long time. One area of increased focus is the need to quantitatively establish the clinical benefits to patients from the device based on relevant and specified clinical outcome parameters. This requirement is being strictly enforced by notified bodies and, although this can be straightforward for some types of devices, for others, it can be difficult to define the benefits to the patient.
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